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The Kimono & Yukata are traditional clothes of Japan.
Its soft and shiny fabric is embroidered with gold and silver threads, most commonly in patterns of flowers or birds.

We are making various types of Kimono & Yukata (forms, designs, colors and materials). Of course, there are types for men's, women's and for children.
Yukata Yukatas
Yukata is the light Kimono for summer. And you can see this at Japanese hotels as night clothes.
Kimono Kimonos
This is the most genuine style of Kimono. For people who loves Japanese arts and cultures.
Embroidered Embroidered
The Kimono with gorgeous embroidery of a dragon or a "Kanji" character. It brings you an adult mood.
Jinbei (with pants) Jinbei (with pants)
Most of Kimonos are one-piece dress. Jinbei is two-piece type. Many Japanese wear this in casual wear.
For Kids For Kids
We are also making Kimono & Yukata for kids, with original pretty designs and various sizes.
T-shirt, etc. T-shirt, Obi, Scarf, etc.
T-shirts with "Kanji" are our long-seller products. And we are making many other textile goods.
We're looking for new business partners. If you get interested in our products, please contact us via the web form or Fax.
Of course,we can export to other nations. A small order will be fine, so please feel free to contact us.
Our all products are made in Kyoto, Japan. And this site displays just only part of our products.
Sorry, we are only a manufacturer & trading company. So we don't sell our products directly to consumers, and we don't have a online-shop.

-YUKATA (S ∼ 3L)

-HAPPI COAT 42",45"


(with shorts)






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