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Kimono (Happi Coat)
Kimono (Happi Coat)
If you do love Japanese arts and cultures, and you are looking for the most traditinal and oriental clothes, please choose these genuine styled Kimonos.

We are making Kimonos by three matrials, cotton, silk and polyester, and we are also making short length type of Kimono, it's called "Happi Coat" or "Hanten". They can be used for various purposes.
Cotton Kimono for Ladies (Turquoise)Right:Cotton Kimono for Mens (Black)
Cotton Kimono
The Kimono made by selected soft cotton. Please enjoy the comfortable feelings and beuatiful designs. And you can wash this with a washing machine.
Left:Cotton Kimono for Ladies (Turquoise)
Right:Cotton Kimono for Men (Black)
Silk Kimono for Ladies (White)Silk Kimono for Men (Red)
Silk Kimono
The most gorgeous and the most comfortable Kimono. This is our proudly product. The silk supplies the highest enjoyment of Kimono life.
Left:Silk Kimono for Ladies (White)
Right:Silk Kimono for Men (Navy)
Polyester Kimono for Ladies (Blue)Polyester Kimono for Men (Navy Blue)
Polyester Kimono
Very tough and strong type of Kimono. For outdoors, for sports, and for dance event, etc.
Left:Polyester Kimono for Ladies (Blue)
Right:Polyester Kimono for Ladies (Red)
These products are made in Kyoto, Japan. And this site displays just only part of our products.
Our Kimono/Happi Coat have simple style and they are easy to wear.
You just slip into it and put on the self-belt.
We're looking for new business partners. If you get interested in our products, please contact us via the web form or Fax.
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