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For Kids
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For Kids
For Kids
We have wide range of the products for Kids with original designs and sizes. (Yukata, Kimono, Jinbei and Ninjya set) There are wide variety of 6 sizes from SS size (age 0-1) to 3L size(about 9-10 year-old).

Please enjoy the life of kimono with your children.
Jinbei for Kids (Blue)Jinbei for Kids (Red)
Jinbei (for Kids)
Children often untie the belt of Kimono, or feel a little coldness. So, the two-pieces type of Kimono "Jinbei" is most popular for children.
Left:Jinbei for Kids (Blue)
Right:Jinbei for Kids (Red)
NinjaNinja set for Kids (Black)
Ninja Set (for Kids)
This is a set item made by fine cotton. You kids become NINJYA at once! This item is very popular as it is designed to be worn easily.
Left:The mark on the left chest
Right: Ninja set for kids(Black)
            size: M-3L
Cotton Kimono for boys (Black)Cotton Kimono for girls (Pink)
Cotton Kimono (for Kids)
These are genuine style of Kimono. For children loves Japanese culture. Made by selected soft cotton in the same way of normal Kimono.
Left:Cotton Kimono for boys (Black)
Right:Cotton Kimono for girls (Pink)
Yukata for Kids (Navy blue)
Yukata (for Kids)
In Japan, children wear the Yukata with thier parents when they go to summer festival. Also this is soft, light and strong, so your child can run around fields freely.
The photo:Yukata for Kids (Navy blue)
Polyester Kimono for Kids (Pink)
Polyester Kimono (for Kids)
We also have Polyester Kimonos for children. The material is strong. It produces great color and makes the item look lovely.
The photo:Polyester Kimono for Kids                    (Pink)
These products are made in Kyoto, Japan. And this site displays just only part of our products.
We're looking for new business partners. If you get interested in our products, please contact us via the web form or Fax.
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