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T-shirt, etc.
Yukata is the light Kimono for summer, made by cotton. Japanese people wear this when they go to summer festival at shrine (It's called "Matsuri" in Japanese) or fireworks ("Hanabi") show etc.

Also you can see this at Japanese hotels as night clothes. By anti-shrink and anti-creases processes, you can wash this with a washing machine, and wear this for a long time.
Cotton Yukata for ladies (Red)Cotton Yukata for ladies (White)
Ladies Yukata
For festivals (also in Halloween!), or for everyday casual wear, we offer you various designs (bright, smart or chic, etc.) of Yukatas.
Left:Cotton Yukata for ladies (Red)
Right:Cotton Yukata for ladies (White)
Yukata for Men (Navy)Yukata for Men (White)
Mens Yukata
For men, we recommend chic and cool design of Yukata. There are many sizes (S to 3L), so you can find your favorite design and feel a comfortable fit.
Left:Cotton Yukata for Men (Navy)
Right:Cotton Yukata for Men (White)
Colored Yukata (Pink)Colored Yukata (Black)
Colored Yukata
Using special colored cotton (Navy Blue, Pink, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Purple, White, Black), more enjoyment and more beautiful Kimono life.
Left:Colored Yukata (Pink)
Right:Colored Yukata (Black)
These products are made in Kyoto, Japan. And this site displays just only part of our products.
We're looking for new business partners. If you get interested in our products, please contact us via the web form or Fax.
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