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Embroidered Kimono
Embroiderd Kimono
The Kimono with gorgeous embroidery of a dragon, a "Kanji" character or a Japanese ancient crest. With chic colors of textures, it brings you an adult and stylish mood.

The embroidery is processed by skilled artisans. It is for not only wearing, but for displaying in your room. All embroideries are meaning the happiness or the power of life.
Polyester Kimono (Embroidered / "Kanji" character)Polyester Kimono (Embroidered / Dragon)
Polyester Kimono
The tough and strong polyester textures with embroidery of a "Kanji" character or a dragon.
Left:Polyester Kimono (Embroidered / "Kanji" character)
Right:Polyester Kimono (Embroidered / Dragon)
Span silk Kimono (Embroidered / Dragon)
Silk Kimono
We use Silk for the Kimono. This Kimono is the ultimate one that we sought the beauty and wear comfort. This one bring out men's presence. Please enjoy the splendidness of textures and embroidery.
The photo:Silk Kimono (Embroidered / Dragon)
Cotton broadcloth Kimono (Embroidered / Japanese ancient crest)
Cotton shantung Kimono
We use material of Shantung for the Kimono which feature is stateliness in cotton. It has nuanced texture.
The photo:Cotton shantung Kimono (Embroidered / "Kanji" character)
These products are made in Kyoto, Japan. And this site displays just only part of our products.
We're looking for new business partners. If you get interested in our products, please contact us via the web form or Fax.
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