SAKURAI SHOJI CO.,LTD. A manufacturer & trading company of kimono. Kyoto, Japan. special sale

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Time of Kyoto: 
We offer high quality Kimonos to all over the world at affordable prices. Please enjoy the oriental feeling and the traditional graceful of Japan.
since 1963
『Kimono/Yukata for all over ther world』
Kimono & Yukata are commmonly known as Japanese traditional clothes.The demand from the visitors to Japan from overseas the retailers /shops overseas has been increasing.
SAKURAI SHOJI offer the enjoyment of a new Kimono & Yukata at affordable prices.
They are not complicated traditional clothes and everybody can enjoy Japanese atmosphere easily.

『MADE in JAPAN from Kyoto, Japan』
SAKURAI SHOJI was founded in Kyoto, old capital of Japan in 1963. We manufacture our original products (kimono/yukata/jinbei/Tshirts) and wholesale/export.
Our items are worn as casual robes at reasonable prices but they still have the traditional beauty of Japan.
Of course, they are "MADE IN JAPAN".

『For wholesalers and retailers.』
We have been exporting various types of Kimono/Yukata robes, Happi Coat, and Jinbei, all over the world (mainly to the United States and EU countries) for a long time.
We're looking for new business partners.(We do not have business with indivisual customers.)
If you get interested in our products, please contact us via the web form or Fax.

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